Should color my hair?

Hi! My name is Danielle and I am 3b mixed with 3c! I just finished transitioning my hair about a year ago and I've think about getting highlights at the tips of my curls. I want it to look like the same kind of highlights you would get naturally in the summertime! But I'm scared. I don't want my hair to go from solid brown to a solid blond. And I'm scared it will damage my hair. I also don't know of any good hair stylists in my area that can color my hair how I want it. (I linked some pictures of what I want :) PLEASE HELP

1 Answer

Coloring your curls can be fun and really bring out the beauty of them. Here are a few tips.  Find a stylist experienced in color curly hair. Don't go to someone who does foil highlights. Do find someone who does a form of hand painting, like balayage or pintura.  The hair can get really fried inside of a foil packet with lighter. By getting hand painted highlights your stylist can pick out individual curls to showcase and you'll get a much softer natural look. It's worth it to travel to someone experienced in these techniques as you'll probably only need to have it done a few times a year if it is done properly.