Color Help! Best at-home box dyes?

So I would love to dye my hair a new color this summer but i'm having difficulty with two things: 1) What hair color 2) What product will work best on my hair. You see I DO NOT want to bleach my hair, i'm downright near refusing to because I don't of course want to damage my hair anymore than adding straight dye will. I have dark brown, almost black hair but I do also have the underneath section of my hair in a sort of copper-ish color and I am really contemplating on whether to go Blue or Purple (as a dip dye style/design). I would like the color to be noticeable but not extremely vibrant to the point where I look like a walking Las Vegas sign :) In your opinion what color would work best for me? (ill post a link below for someone with similar hair color) and to achieve the look at home what dyes can you recommend that I buy? I am willing if it is the the ultimatum to bleach my hair just a bit but I'd rather that not be an option especially sine i'm doing the large lower portion of my hair. Thank you! Extra: If I do dye my hair a color, will the copper sections be more vibrant since it is lighter than my natural hair? Please explain in detail to me so that I have clear understanding for what will best work for me. Pics- similar to my hair: what I would like: Or Evelyn's Beautiful Midnight-Blue color :) )

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I would recommend using brand like splat or schwartzkopf (not sure how you spell it!) because I have really dark hair and last summer I dyed some of my hair and the results were really good. Purple is probably the best color (for me anyway) as it isn't too dark but not that visible. Hope this helps!  
Thanks! <3 I NEED everyone to realize: You can't expect a color to show up on black hair. It just doesn't make sense. Think of it like writing on a piece of black won't really see anything. Your hair has to be light enough for color to show up. That's why bleach is necessary. Box dyes usually INCLUDE all of that in the formula, I guess fooling people into thinking bleach is somehow not involved. You can try dyes like Manic Panic on your regular natural color and see if that does anything. If you're satisfied with how extremely SUBTLE that color change will be, then that's your best bet. But in my opinion, for the amount of work it takes, you might as well actually have a noticeable change in hair color. So here's how I did it: My hair is naturally a "dusty black" lol and I dyed it to bright auburn using the SheaMoisture hair dye (at select Targets) here is that video >> Then later on when i got bored of that I bleached my whole head to a orange color so I could put blue. Here's that video >> HOPE THAT HELPS! <3 
It's true, there is no way to color can show up on very dark almost black hair. The only way is to first lighten your hair and then dye that. If you only lighten part of your hair (say for example the ends) then the color will appear most vibrant in those spots. There maybe a very slight tint to your hair if you put color on without lightening first. Manic Panic is a temporary color (it washes out in about 5 washes I believe) so you might as well try it out with just the Manic Panic and see if your'e satisfied, but if it doesn't color the hair the way you want then you'll probably have to resort to lightening it. I do have a friend who lightens her hair naturally using honey, and it actually got to a very light yellow color so you may want to try that out. Hope that helps!
Thank you all for your responses! I understand that sadly i will have to end up bleaching my hair but I guess since I will only be doing it once & not for a long time afterwards i wull suffice :) I am going to be doing it in a purple ombre sort of look- I originally was going to be using manic panic but i found some products cheaper with better lasting coverage (splat & ion color brilliance though i am going to take a look at the SheMoisture bc it looked like a great product in the video) Wish me luck and once again thank you all for the advice!!