Color on natural hair

I'm looking into coloring my hair once I get out of the military; I know I can do box coloring straight from the store but is there a better way to color natural hair?

2 Answers

Use some honey, cinnamon, and distilled water at home. Let it sit on your hair for about 45 minutes. It will boost your hair's natural hue. Also, you can try henna.Check out this article on 6 ways to gently dye your curls:
Based on my horrible experience using box colour as a teen, I definitely encourage you to to go for the suggestions listed in the article Devri1 posted! Or if you're looking for something more substantial, it's worth the cost to go and get the colour done at a salon with someone who's experienced with our hair. Personally, I've been using henna to cover my greys for several months now and I really love it!