so, in late july i let my hairdresser cut my hair (like 8 inches) and dye it purple, magenta, blue. my hair was waist-length and my curls were type 4b before. It's october and only my roots have my original curl pattern, it's practically straight in the body of my hair and it drives me nuts bc my hair has never done this! *i had ombre for a year, no curl problems* my hair has grown maybe 2 or 3 inches & Ive dyed it black in late august, but i want my normal curl pattern back! I'm now in college and cant do wash&go like how i used to! help!!!! 

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Ombre is usually less damaging than the neon colors as they require more bleach (from what I understand). And if any of the ombre was then colored in the neon experience then it is just more chemical damage. You should definitely try protein treatments! I would look for ones with Keratin, Silk and Collagen as they are the closest to your hair's protein content. I like Hask Keratin packs because hair is made of keratin and my hair is sensitive to some other proteins. Shea Moisture Tahitian Monoi conditioner also has keratin in it. But start trying to do protein treatments every couple weeks (maybe more if your hair doesn't react or become over protein-ized (haha)..... you'll know if it feels crispy or matted with the treatment or conditioner in). Avoid heat styling and use a good leave in like Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave In (or one of their milks). Olive or grapeseed oil are good to intensify your condtioners and not expensive. And of course avoid any sulfates in your shampoos as they are drying and avoid silicones in everything as they can keep moisture from sinking into your hair properly. Curly Girl method will help! Good luck!! :D