Does dying hair damage curls and dry out curls? What else can be done

I have 2c to 3a curls but they are dry. I am 34 and get a lot of grey hair so, I dye my hair. Am I damaging it? What else can I do?

1 Answer

It all depends on your hair. Let me explain. Naturally the curlier your hair the drier your hair. Straight hair is frizz free and shiny because the natural oil from the scalp can travel down the hair shaft easily. However with curly hair the oil finds it difficult to travel down the shaft because of the texture.But if you decide to go ahead with the dying you might need to add some more moisturizing products into you hair care routine to try and keep your hair as strong as possible. If you need to bleach your hair to get your desired colour,Personally I would definitely stay away.There is a high risk of it tampering with your curl pattern and destroying your Beautiful curls. It's your hair and do whatever makes you feel beautiful :) hope this helped goodluck :)