does anyone know how to revive weak and limp curls after color treatment?

2 Answers

a deep protein treatment. Aphogee is a great brand
Aphogee protein treatment just like afroodisiac suggested. Invest in some regular conditioners (rinse out ones) that have protein in them. Aubrey Organics GPB Protein Conditoner is one, Queen Helene Cholesterol Cream is another and Aphogee's. Coconut oil is an oil that will provide some protein as well. Try to add protein where you can, but not too much. For example:- Deep Protein treatment every 2/3 weeks or until your hair feels back to normal, - Continue shampooing or cowashing your hair like you normally would. - Condition with a protein conditioner after every shampoo, or after your cowash.- Use whatever water-based leave ins and creams you already use. These dont need to have protein.- Seal with coconut oil and another oil.Make sure that youre balancing your protein with lots of moisture.I hope this helps! xo