Dye turned my hair orange! Help!

Before i start, here's some information about my hair: My natural hair colour is dark brown with 3b curlsI dyed my hair for the first time using a light brown hair dye about 7 months ago. It brought it up to a dark/medium brown, but i really wanted to go lighter for the summer. Then about 2 months ago, I dyed it again using a light ash blonde dye, but it made my hair light brown/orange! I tried everything from using purple shampoo and conditioner, to the wella toners, but it only made my hair darker. It didn't remove any of the orange tones! I really want to get rid of the brass without removing the light brown colour. What should i do?

1 Answer

The only advice I can give is either suffer thru the brassy if you want to stay blonde. Or if your Natural medium to ash brown hair , wait a few weeks and re dye it using either Light Ash brown or Medium ash brown . I ve had good lock with Natural Instincts or Revlon Colorsilk. The color will be darker but its been the only way Ive gotten rid of the brassy color. Good luck. Make sure and deep condition after all that dye...