Dyed my hair and it turned out dark strawberry blonde how do I get it back to a light brown color?

My hair was a light brown color and at this point I just want to get my real color back. I dyed it two days ago the shade was natural medium neutral blonde but it come out as looking orangey. How do I fix this. If I used the color light ash brown would it get my regular color back or will it turn out greenish? 

2 Answers

#1 rule of hair color is NEVER TRY TO DO IT YOURSELF unless you don't care about the results. hair color is a serious science and if it is not done properly, you can damage the hair beyond repair. i would never suggest even a stylist to do their own color because they can't see it like the person above your head applying it and watching it do its thing. save yourself the hassle, and spend a few bucks to get it done right.
At this point I think you should just go in to see a stylist. He/She will try to get it back to its original color.