Can dyeing change your hair into a more curlier texture?

I am 18 years old. I have been dying my hair with highlights since since before my 17th birthday. My hair always looked so nice and i was in love with the color. So i decided to dye my hair a light brown around the rest of my hair opposite the blonde highlights. I loved it so much! Although my hair looked beautiful and i had no complaints about it, my mother was strictly against me dying my hair anymore. She was always telling me about how i was "breaking" my hair off. Although i saw no problem with it, she demanded that i stop dying my hair. At the time, i had blond highlights in the front and back, and on both sides. Somewhat like a giant cross in my head along with the light brown/redish rest of my hair. When my mother told me that i couldn't dye my hair anymore, i thought "omg, i'll have three different colors in my hair (the blond, light brown, and my upcoming new growth) So i ugrged my mother to let me dye it just once more, finally, black. In my mind, i'm assuming that my hair will react just like any other time when i dyed it. But ever since i dyed my hair black,( Around december of 2014)  my hair texture went from a beautiful 3C to a solid 4A. My hair shrinks up so much, i don't know how to manage it. My curls were loose, and they stretched down to my shoulders. Now, everytime i wet my hair, it shrinks up past my ears. It's devastating because i loved my hair. I've tried everything. Twist outs, bun-ups, flat twists, everything that i tried results in my hair shrinking up horribly. I would like to know what i can do to help reverse this.I've attached 4 photos of my hair before ( I'm sure you'll be able to tell the difference) and 4 now.No drastic cuts have occurred. Just maybe 2 or 3 occasional trims since august.. Please help me! i miss my hair! :(

1 Answer

It's really possible that the chemicals in the dying products caused your hair to shrink up. Shrinkage is a main characteristic of type 4 hair and it really looks like you do now have 4a hair. Maybe if you try decreasing the shrinkage your hair can revert back to normal? Try this article! I don't know if that's what you've already been doing but if it is and these haven't worked, I would say just try to keep taking proper care of your hair and deep condition it maybe once every week.Good luck!!