Will dying my hair a lighter color lessen my curls?

I have a combination of curl patterns around my head, but the majority of it is 3c. I'm planning to dye my hair silver, but worry that the color would not look quite right with my current curls; I hope that perhaps the dye will change that. If the rumors are true, and hair dye does in fact change one's natural curl pattern, how much/in what ways can I expect it to change?I ask specifically about changing to a lighter color because I will most likely need to use bleach prior to adding color. I understand that bleach may have a different effect than hair dye alone.

2 Answers

hi there, i obviously have curls like u, but i have 3a/3b in June i got a blond ombre with my brown head of curls, yes, at first i think my hair was getting used to it and it got a bit more wavy than curly, but about a week in my curls have returned to normal. only a bit more dry. (bc of bleach) so i have to use lots of conditioner and all that. i will tell u that every month or more, try to deep condition so that your hair does not get more damaged after the bleach. so no, im very sure it does not soften your curl pattern. but if u do want a softer curl pattern you can get a keratin treatment that softens and prevents frizz from your curls, hope this helped, good luck :)
sounds like you are asking for trubble . Bleach and dye will damage your natural curly hair , you might end up with patches and shedding hair loss . Once hair is damaged the next thing to do is CHOP it all off to start a healthy process . Damage hair cannot be reversed . Once you have split ends its important to trim ends twice a month . If you decide to dye , I recommend a deep-conditioner treatment to help the normal PH in your hair . So that it can strengthen hair . Good luck !