Going from black to dark red? 3b curls?

Hey everyone. First post on this site and I would love any help you can give. My hair is a solid natural 3b, and I've been regrowing it for the past two years. I'm at this point where my hair isn't getting any longer and I'm unbearably bored with it. I want to go from my current black to a dark red. But I'm afraid to have a hair disaster. My natural hair is a very dark brown, but I dyed it black sometime last year. It's faded now and I have a lot of new virgin hair but I know that will make colouring harder. I just kinda want to know if anyone's been through this experience before and any tips you can give me. I've just grown all my hair back from a permanent hair straightening hell, and I want to make sure that I keep my curls. Thanks in advance. :) I've attached a picture of the colour I would like to go to as well. Amazing hair to whoever is in the pic.  

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