Good Semi-Permanent Colors for dark brown natural hair

Hi ladies. My hair is dark brown with a few grays. I want to change my hair color (but specially covering the grays). I don't want to make it lighter but I would like to change the color (not black). A reddish brown, would be lovely. And i want to do that with a semi-permanent color, any experiences? Is it possible to change my hair color with a semi-permanet? Any brands you could recommend? So far Im thinking about Bigen. Thanks!

1 Answer

I'd suggest Manic Panic in Vampire Red. It's a cream semi-permanent vegan dye that does hardly any damage. I've heard it covers grays very well and can give a reddish tint to unbleached hair. Vampire Red is one of the longest lasting dyes from the Manic Panic brand as well.