Got hair Bleached, now has a green tint to it

So on Monday I went to the salon to get my hair bleached. (eventually I will be going lavender) So she bleached my hair and then she went in with a toner. The toner was supposed to make my hair a grey/silver color, I think? Her communication with me was horrible. So long story short when I left the salon and my hair was dry it was a grey/green color. Since then I have let some purple shampoo sit in my hair, which surprisingly got out a lot of the green. I am deep conditioning and putting oil and masks in my hair in the mean time. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get the rest of the green out of my hair? I will attatch soome photos. Thank you.

4 Answers

you should go back to the salon and have them take care of it. never attempt to color hair at home
if you are an expert then you can experiment at home . But if you dont have a clue on how to dye , or color hair , its always best to seek professional help .  I hope this helps ... its called (color oops )  good luck 
sounds like you used a color with a blue undertone (base). When coloring blond/light brown hair to a darker color, the darker color needs to have reds In order to avoid that greenish tint (yellow and blue make green etc.) this happened to me before but I took a hair class later in life an learned why it happened. Hope you found a resolution 
I would get it professional done again. A hairstylist would know the right treatment to get your hair back to the state that it needs to be in. Sounds like your hair could be a bit damaged too.  You might want to look into Keratin Complex and their various different smoothing therapy solutions. They have many different kinds of products that are based on different textures and colors that you hair looks like.  If I was you and I was looking into other smoothing treatment ideas for damaged, frizzy, and bad reactions to sub par coloring, I would check out this webpage.  This will give you ideas of what you can afford to do in the salon and how long you want the treatment to last. Going to the salon doesn't have to cost you a fotune to get the look you want. Good luck.