green tint fix

I had bright purple/burgundy hair for about 2 years. I was tired of the upkeep and decided I wanted to go back to my medium natural brown. I did a color remover treatment which took it to a blue grey type color in the areas that were bleach (I had a very minimal ombre done to brighten my purple). I colored my hair with a 6N and discovered all the parts that had been previously bleached are now a grey green color, and the rest of my ends i blackish color. I tried again by putting a 6RN over top. It did dilute the green slightly but it is still noticeable. I am trying my hardest to avoid the salon. Due to the length of my hair and the area I live a color correction will run me close to $500. Any suggestions as to what I can do to get my hair back to its medium brown coloring. I was hoping to eventually go lighter, but understand that might not be an option at the moment

1 Answer

That happened to me as well when trying to get my purple out and I dyed it blonde . I got it out by dying my hair a semi permanent red. Eventually the red washed out and I was left with reddish blonde hair which was really nice. After that I was able to dye my hair normally.