Grey Ombre with Photo

Hello there! I'm 20 years old and my natural hair is really dark brown. After asking for a grey ombre(something like Pic.1), my hairdresser bleached it and told me to use silver shampoo and my hair looked like Pic.2. After 1-2 months I visited again as he told me to remove the blonde and light brown off my hair. He did some technique and the result was Pic.3 and Pic.4. With all honesty, even if this is not what I actually wanted, is it aesthetically nice? Or does it look bad? What can I do to actually remove that brown-blonde colour? Any tips would be highly appreciated... I want honesty above all!Looking forward to hearing from you.

2 Answers

It looks you got a bad bleach case. I had a similar case last year, mine was purple ombre, the purple color stayed only 2 weeks and then I had yellow hair.The problem with that is that it is very difficult to get rid of that yellow color or to cover it. To be honest on your third pic it looks good but on the 4th not so much. What you can do is keep it like that for a while if you are not happy with it as I wasn't cover it with a dark (maybe black) and good quality dye, it will last a couple of months or longer and eventually the only way of getting rid of it is a cut. Which is hard having such a beautiful length so do regular trims to slowly remove the bleach part and color it if you are not satisfied. To be honest it is a personal thing, I never liked that yellow color because it looks un realistic and fake, it looks as if you haven't cared for your hair, that's why I got rid of it. But many people can pull it off, and it looks good on them that depends on how you style it and your personality. If it looks like the third picture it looks good :)
The only way to remove the yellow tone in the ends of your hair is to use a toner and then put your desired color on top of that. Your stylist should have toned your hair rather than sending you home and telling you to use purple shampoo. Very unprofessional.You can either go to the salon again and ask to get your hair tonned and colored or you can do it at home.If you choose to do it at home you'll first need to figure out what 'level' your hair is using the level chart below. Just look at your hair and compare it to the chart to figure out what shade of blond it is. Based off of the pictures I'd guess level 8 or 9 but its better if you do it because hair isnt always the same color in pictures.Then you'll need to buy a toner that matches that level number. For example wella t-18 is for level 9 hair. You'll just have to do some research on which level matches which toner.After you've toned it simply put the grey on top that you desire. Just remember if your hair is level 8 you cant use a level 9 color. If its level 7 you cant use level 8 etc. You can only go darker with colors not lighter (unless you're using boxed colors from the grocery store which are horrible for your hair).As for how your hair actually looks, I think it looks nice. The stylist could of done a better job blending the dark to light but it looks decent, and it'll look better if it's grey.