Hair changed from low to high porosity after bleaching. How can I get it back to low or normal?

My hair used to be low porosity, but bleach changed it to High.  I also damaged some of the curls in the front.  They got looser.  Now I regret bleaching my hair and wish I didn't!  How can I get my hair back to low porosity.  Will it remain high as long as it is still bleached?  Will dying it back to black help?  Or do I have to cut it all off, or transition?

2 Answers

As a pH balancer Apple Cider Vinegar has acidity properties that return the hair to its original pH of about 4.0. Balancing the hair’s pH results in closed hair cuticles. The hair’s cuticles are raised by water and hair products during your shampoo sessions. A weekly ACV rinse can close hair cuticles leaving the hair more moisturized and smoother in appearance. It ultimately decreases your hair porosity. Doing this on a weekly basis should help change your hair's porosity back. 
I agree balancing your parts of hydrogen (pH) will help... but honestly, no dying it again will only open your cuticle furthermore and damage it. You have to transition your strands  by dusting and trimming your ends until the damage is gone.. or yes big chop it..