Hair Color help!

I have naturally curly light brown hair. Last summer at the beginning of July I got my hair bleached blonde at a salon. It however turned out orangish because the lady that did it didn't have a clue what she was doing. I was upset and got it re-dyed back to my light brown color at the beginning of August by a different salon. I didn't go back to the salon to get it re-dyed because it was expensive. Whenever the light brown color starting looking orangish I dyed it with Natural Instincts non-permanant dye. I'm now thinking about trying to go blonde again over Spring break in April. Would my hair be too damaged to do this? Should I wait until summer to do it? Advice? Thanks!

2 Answers

It sounds like you need to tone your hair, this will reduce the orange brassy tones. Toners are typically purple, and you could just add a small amount to your daily conditioner once a week or as often as you need to. Also, to help with your damage you should be deep conditioning once a week so that you don't experience too much dryness and breakage. 
Great suggestion, Cristina! I would be careful, Medapop, that you don't ruin your hair with too much color! The damage can be bad.