My hair is now two different shades of black. what should i do

I recently used dark and lovely to dye my hair, I had bleached the ends of my hair and wanted the colout out but now my hair is two different shades of black, the ends are extremely black and it looks really weird when I do a bun. Now I'm afraid to dye it again with peroxide. Will this cause damage to my hair ?

1 Answer

Hi, peroxide kind of empty the hair from it's color (the bleaching agent penetrates the shaft and disperses the color molecules that are already there, the more color molecules are dispersed, the lighter the hair becomes) so yes it's always more or less damaging. What you could do is use indigo on the rest of your hair to darken it. But if your ends are already bleached they are already kind of damaged anyway but be careful, bleached hair tends to react faster to peroxide than normal hair