My hair is literally killing me! It's so knotty and dry and damaged. But I have no split ends Help?!

Hello. My hair used to be in immaculate condition.. It curled beautifully about a year or two ago. It was pretty long as well about to my hip.. But I wanted a change as it always looked the same.. So I started using a hair curler to make my hair look different. And then I decided to go red.. So I used directions cherry red.. And it wasn't red enough.. So I used a permanent hair dye.. I dyed it several times with that dye.. And then I booked an appointment to have it bleached and dyed pilar box red.. It looked beautiful but the damage that came from the blow outs and straightening was absolutely terrible.. I had it trimmed and washed it as normal.. And then started straightening it quiet regularly and that was it my hair just got worse and worse.. So I made the decision to just dye it back brown and do several deep conditions a week.. But it's just not working.. The dye didn't cover the red.. So it's all sorts of different colours.. And it's so very dry.. I've tried using biotin & collagen deep conditioner and oil.. I'm not putting any heat or dyes.. And I also tried using avacado and olive oil to help it.. And now after washing I just try my very hardest to brush it and put it in plats.. I can't wear it down it just so messy and doesn't curl nicely.. I need serious help! 

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Hi GraceBoeMay, Sounds like the dye did some serious damage to your hair. I don't know what to tell you for the dye job that didn't work, but I suggest that you bear with your hair and let it grow out so your original color can come back. Trying to dye it again to cover up the red and brown parts will only add more damage to your tresses. So while the color issue is a waiting game, there are some things you can do to fix the dryness and damaged ends: Get a good hair cut - trim off those dead ends as far as you can. The shorter the better, so you can really cut it off and start fresh. Biotin and collagen will not help your hair if you're putting it on topically. It will only give the illusion of thicker hair. You need to take biotin vitamins (you can buy them at your local grocery store) if you want the benefits. Deep conditioner is great. Once a week is perfect. You can do your deep conditioner treatment once a week and maybe your avocado/olive oil treatment every other week. Just make sure you're not over-moisturizing your hair because then it will be greasy. In addition to deep conditioners, you want something that's going to moisturize your hair out of the shower. I love Oyin Handmade Hair Dew. You can put it on your hair dry or wet. That or Karen's Body Beautiful Leave In is great. Use that out of the shower and put your hair up in protective styles (buns, pony tails, braids, etc) Wearing your hair in protective styles is going to be the best until your hair grows out healthy. And remember to eat well. Get your vitamins and nourish your hair. Good luck!