My hair turned green. The ketchup didn't work. I dyed over it a darker color but it faded greener :(

I'm surprised I still have hair. It's been a journey. I'll try to shorten this as best I can...I'm a natural brunette. My hair inexplicably started lightening on its own. When I saw blonde, I dyed it jet black. It would fade out and I did this back to black dance for a while until I just said F it and let it be. I worked on reviving my curls. I got the DevaCurl products and used that unitl I developed an allergy to it. Early 2014 I chopped my hair off and it was looking better but once again started lightening. I don't take medication or vitamins, I avoid the sun as much as I can, and don't swim too much for blah, blah reasons. I came across red hair dye and loved it. I rocked it until it faded then went to a friend that did her hair and told her I wanted purple. She put some kind of blondish color on my hair which burned. She said it had to burn and two hours later, I couldn't take it and rinsed my hair out. Her hair looked good and she does the same to her so in my ignorance, I thought it would be okay. My hair was bright orange. I was devastated and went to Sally's the next day. I got a plum color and it came out okay. I made an appointment with a professional. She dyed it and only a random portion like maybe half an inch thick dyed purple and the rest was red. She said I had to wait for her to redye it. Two weeks later, she dyed it blue. Then hours later dyed it pink. It was purplish but not what I wanted. When it faded to an orange like color, I dyed it blue. Now in Summer, I kept the blue and dyed it when the green came in. I did this for a while and then just left the green since my hair faded in like 3 days. Didn't matter if I washed it or not. It just faded. I kept the green until I came across a colorist in a full salon place. She bleached my hair. OMG how it burned.She said I had a allergy to the bleach and rinsed it out. The top of my hair was blonde but the bottom was bright green. If it wasn't as short as it was, I would have just cut it off. Anyways, she dyed it pink and purple. I didn't like the pink in the front and dyed a section blue. Made the prettiest purple and I loved it. My hair was 2 different shades of purple and the bottom was pink. I just redyed the same parts as it faded. Early April I noticed my hair was green in some areas and decided to dye it with a permanent color in burgundy. Not even a week later I saw it was green. Once again, I said F it and let it be. I saw the post about the Ketchup and gave it a shot over the weekend. Nothing. I kept it on for like 45 and nothing. I don't know what to do and my hair doesn't curl anymore. I was told I'm just gong to have to cut it off and start over. If there is hope, please, please, please help.

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I've had my hair turn green before when dying my hair with a blonde box dye after stripping bright red out of it. It was a horrible experience. I dyed over it with a semi permanent very dark brown from colorsilk. It slowly faded to a medium/ light ash blonde color and the green was gone for me and never came back. I've used vitamin c tablets crushed up mixed in shampoo to fade colors out of my hair in the past and it worked wonders, you could maybe try that. I have also heard that washing hair with baking soda a few times gets rid of the green tint hair gets from chlorine in pools. I'm definitely not a hair expert or anything but these are things I would probably try especially since they aren't chemically damaging. If nothing works I would go to a professional and have them fix it or go to a beauty supply store like sally's and see what they suggest (maybe a red based toner?). For your curls though I have no idea I'm in the same boat with you on that after years of heat damage and dying my hair. I hope you find something that works for you.