My hair's a virgin and I want to dye it. Should I? I'm pretty scared to do so.

So a little background on my hair, I've never dyed it but I have straighten my bangs for a good 3 years straight. Now, two years ago I started to let my hair grow out and recover from it and my big concern is that if I should even dye it. My bangs are still recovering and they're pretty stubborn. I'm just so scared honestly. I do not want to loose my curls. And the type of style I want is a simple honey ombre. Thanks guys. (:

1 Answer

I personally would never recomend dying your hair. specially if you have curly hair, because it damages it a lot. I dyed mine since I was 14 and It came to a point when I actually didn't remember how my natural hair was, it got really dry and my natural curls became lifeless waves. Plus, the artificial colouring almost never looks natural. However, if you are only going to dye your ends for an ombre, you can always cut them if they get too damaged. If you really want to dye your hair, NEVER do it yourself, go to a hairdresser and be sure they are using high quality products. Sometimes you just need to dye your hair once only to decide you don't need it.