heena or L'Oréal hair colour

which is best for cover gray hair. Heena or hair colour. ..my hair type is 2B.my hairstyles suggest me hair colour is better than heena . with heena hair become dry..I am confused. ..

1 Answer

Hi Yahoo, I would recommend henna, as it's less likely to damage your hair in the long run, but you should be careful. Be sure to buy 100% pure henna and not "compound henna" because it could affect your hair if you had chemical dye in it previously. Chemical dyes are faster and more effective than henna, but they are damaging to your natural hair. I recommend reading this article to find about more, but my instinct says go with henna. :) Hope this helps! http://www.galesburg.com/article/20131011/NEWS/310119907/10205/LIFESTYLE