Hello, can i dye my hair after taking out a glue in weave? I havent had a perm in 11 months either

I'm also transition from weaves mostly glue ins to natural.

3 Answers

I wouldn't suggest doing big things back to back. Let your hair rest for a while before doing anything like dyeing it. Before you even think of dye, have you deep conditioned your hair? got a trim? There are a bunch of haircare things we should take care of to make sure our hair is in great shape before we dye it. trust me, i dyed my natural hair blue! 
When transitioning, the hair is at a vulnerable state of breakage due to the line of demarcation between the natural hair and processed hair. Low manipulation and proper moisturizing is key to a successful transition. As Evelyn stated, I would not do anything drastic back to back.
Congrats on transitioning! We want to see pictures!