Help! color straightened my naturally curly hair

I went to a new stylist and she colored my hair. Afterwards, my hair was straight and straw like. I went to another stylist to fix it. My hair was very curlywith spiralcurls and is now just wavy with stick straight ends. What can I do? I tried Aphogee. I tried Revlon curvaceous mask. What else can I do? I'm worried I'll lose my curls. I'm also taking Biotin daily. It happened at the end of September. My hair is also breaking off. Please help.  

1 Answer

It's hard to say what kind of chemicals she used on your hair, but it sounds like your hair is just so damaged all the life has gone out of it. It's unlikely you'll be able to get the damaged hair healthy again. Deep  condition as much as you can. Use a leave-in conditioner — a natural one, with natural ingredients. But you might just have to wait for new growth.