Henna hair dye experiences?

Has anyone ever tried henna hair dyes? preferably all natural ones? My hair used to be so long and fabulous and then I began to dye it when I was in like 3rd grade. I bleached it and dyed it purple, and then red for a long time, then black and green, and then I stopped dying it 5th grade. Now I am in 9th grade and my hair is barely bra strap length.. The length isn't what's bugging me. It's the fact that my roots are a dark reddish brown while my ends are this funky brassy reddish blondish color :/. Anyone know of a good henna dye brand..? and method of dying? should I even do it???  My hair is very healthy right now, but the ends of my hair can't hold color but I've researched it and I learned hair absorbs henna much better than any chemical dye and it can correct the color issue. Sorry I'm beginning to ramble, Thanks! ^^

2 Answers

I use Rainbow brand henna, found here or your local natural foods store: http://www.rainbowresearch.com I've been using it to cover my grey hair for about a year now and I love it! It's cheaper than traditional hair dye, and it's conditioning rather than damaging. Check out www.hennaforhair.com there's lots of great information about using henna in the hair.I'd say the only 2 down sides to it... one, it doesn't smell very nice. I've heard some people actually like it, but I'm not one of them. The other problem is it's messy, but with practice it's become much easier for me compared to the first time.
henna color lab in auburn,sounds like a good shade for you