One more henna question PLEASE!

Researching and a little bit confused. Does natural Henna come in different colors?? I was under the impression that it does not and that mixing it with other various things can make it go redder, more golden or darker.. but that the henna itself will only dye ONE color with is red. If this is true, then can I assume that if I find Henna that offers different color ranges, like red, brown, black blue,etc that that is not real henna and that it likely is mixed with something else? Ive been to the henna for hair website and got a lot of info but looking for other places to buy that are not as expensive. Nikki help!

2 Answers

I've never used Henna. Im not an expert here, BUT our friend CurlyNikki is. She uses henna ALL the time. Here's her most comprehensive post on Henna. How to Use Henna on Your Hair, According to CurlyNikki Henna is pretty much used for redness as far as color goes. It also has many other great properties for your hair like gray coverage and shine.Here are a few more good reads:
Hi Jessiejess, fyi we're working on getting some more comprehensive answers to your henna questions into an article and I will let you know once it's live on the site! Thanks for your great question :)