Henna'ing for the first time.. too much of a good thing?

I just applied reshma dark brown henna to my hair. Going to try to leave it on for atleast four hours. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it might be, no more or less challenging than a regular dye. So that brings me to my question. If this works well and is not damaging, how often can it be done or is there a point when it can be too much? My first attempt was just with water but I'd like to try it again with coffee or lemon etc. How often can this be done?

3 Answers

It can be done every week if you really want to but henna may loosen your curl pattern so I suggest no more than once a month unless you start to notice you're curls are loosening then switch to roots only or henna glosses
Henna deposits protein in your hair, and overload will break it.
henna is not a protein it acts like one but you should always deep condition afterwards