Hi everyone. I am wanting to go back blonde. Any tips and advice on the products and aftercare?

I want to bleach my hair and go blonde. Any tips on the products and after I should use

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While this is not a product, my suggestion would be to seek out a good, professional colorist near you if you don't have one already, I cannot stress this enough to people, hehe :). If you don't have one, many hairdressers have Facebook/IG showcasing their portfolios or past work, talk to them, discuss what you want in a consultation, but chances are you'll like the result they'll give you if they did a good job on someone with similar hair to you. Bleach is very tricky to work and can process unevenly especially if you have naturally dark hair (can leave you with strands that look raccoon striped), most times it's very obvious when someone does their own DIY bleach job (not in a good way). You'll also need to schedule occasional toning appointments to cancel out any brassiness or discoloration you can get from pools, excess sun exposure, regular washing, or hard water.  I also recommend you figure out what porosity your hair is (note: it is possible to have different porosity levels in your hair). You may need to start using CG-friendly products that are rich in protein since bleach changes your hair's porosity by raising your hair strand's cuticles in order to strip out the melanin (pigment). High-porosity hair looks much like a pine cone with the scales open, so protein works to fill in and support the open spaces helping moisture to not escape, a healthy/low-porosity hair strand looks like a closed pine cone. I have linked articles with protein product suggestions. I will also recommend you keep a moisturizing conditioner with little to no protein, some hair craves a lot of protein and others can handle only a certain extent. A way you can tell you are using too much protein is by taking a strand of wet hair that you shed in the shower, gently stretching it and it snaps easily (it also might feel brittle), you counteract by using moisturizing products with little to no protein. Overmoisturized hair is overly elastic when wet; it stretches a lot without returning to its regular length, you counteract excess moisture by using protein rich products. Balanced hair can stretch when wet and mostly return to its original length. Protein-moisture balance is important to your hair's health. Using a styling routine that "seals in"/preserves your moisture will help you prevent frizz and allow you to keep your hair defined is; there are many methods out there including but not limited to LC/LCM/LOC/LCO/LCE/LCG/LCEG and so on. (L= Leave in/lotion, O= Oil, C= Cream, G= medium-hard hold Gel, E= light-medium hold Gel, M= Mousse, etc). You'll have to experiment in order to find out what order and products your hair likes best. I linked a vid down below for you that you might find helpful. I have coarse high porosity hair bleached/color treated hair, my rec's, they are all Curly Girl Method friendly, and don't cost more than $15: Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Shampoo (Walmart/Ulta/CVS/etc) , General Value Products Conditioning Balm (protein-free conditioner, found at Sally Beauty), Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Conditoner and the Deep Conditioning Masque (moisturizing, also has some protein), As I Am Leave-In Conditoner (believe it has no protein), Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie (a little goes a long way, I use this after my leave in as my Cream step, is rich in Shea Butter which helps seal in high-porosity hair so it won't frizz too much), Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper (it's a water soluble serum, it's very runny and unique in consistency; some people use it as their final step as a "gel", I use it before putting on hard hold gel), LA LOOKS Sport Gel (hard hold, but the crunch can be scrunched out).  I suggest you watch the following youtubers for more info/clarification on porosity and the CG method, they go much more in depth and can be more helpful than reading :) : Waterlily716, SunkissAlba, The Polished Curl, Rockyn Curls, and Curly Kat Marie.http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/curl-pro...http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlreading/home/6-p...