Hi...could someone please tell me what colour this is?

Here is a link of the colour:http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/salon-mia-bella-san-bruno?select=jkKOKTRCGYNlaQ8Csx2iCg#jkKOKTRCGYNlaQ8Csx2iCgI want to do the ombre thing so I need to know what colour to buy. Also,which brand is best for natural hair?

1 Answer

her ends are bleached to a level 10! Assuming you're natural hair is on the darker side (2-5lvl) you have to bleach the ends with a 40 volume developer (YIKES) and add in Goldwell blonding crime for up to 5 levels of lift! you may have to bleach a second time with a 20vol to ensure lightness and tone with a champagne or violet based toner