How do highlights look on short 4b/4c hair?

I transitioned a few months ago and still have a pretty short little 'do. I want a new look for summer and love the thought of highlights. Is that going to look ok on my hair since it's so short and the curl pattern is still kind of evolving and undefined? I do a lot of twist-outs, afros, baby mohawks, hair accessories, etc. What's a good strategy and will this look silly? I've never colored my hair before at all so I'm a little nervous!

1 Answer

I know we don't have the same type of hair, however I have seen highlights in 4b/4c hair and it looks STUNNING. Natural colors look great. The highlights mix in with the curls giving it a mega cool look! I gotta say, it is on the bold (but beautiful) side. Adorable profile picture by the way!