how can i stop my curly hair falling out?

A little background of my hair: I'm naturally a dark blonde and around a year and a half ago i died it red. I continued re-dying my roots for about 6 months until i got sick of it and died it brown. It then came to may 2013 and i was wanting it blonde for summer so i went to the hairdressers where i work and got loads of blonde highlights. (they used bleach).Then about a week before this christmas just gone, i let some of the college girls put more blonde through my hair, and it unfortunately got left on a little too long. It began snapping and stretching and i was completely terrified. I've always been proud of my curly locks and when it started snapping i was pretty mortified.So its maybe a month since it happened and im still losing hair, when its wet and dry. I'm currently scared to wash my hair because i'm frightened of more hair coming out, and it's already feeling much thinner (although my mum says it doesn't look it, yet.)Ive used  the treseme deep conditioning mask and some oils, and the aphogee 2-step treatment which despite the reviews didn'd preform a miracle on my hair :( Any help would be much appreciated, i'm becoming desperate!Thanks.

2 Answers

Stop with the chemicals!  You'll probably have to wait for new growth.
I'm sorry this has happened to you :( Next time, when changing color and you are going from light to dark, use a demipermanent instead of a permanent haircolor. Lifting your hair each time with permanent color and then bleach lifted the layers of your cuticle so much, it became susceptible to breakage after weakening. Try bi-weekly protein treatments and deep conditioning your hair every week. You are more than likely going to have to cut off the damaged hair. If you want to keep your length, cut off ½" of your hair every month for two years, taking care of the the point where your hair is weakest, the part where your new growth and your damaged hair meet. Good luck!