How can I remove dark color from my already damaged hair? :/

I Tried doing the ombre last night and bc my hair was already a dark reddish brown before I bleached it, it made it an ugly orange red. So today I decided to use this purple hair color I bought from hot topic a while back and it turned my ends black. I tried rinsing it out like 4 times in the shower since its supposed to wash out after a few washes. it bled everytime but still left my ends black. leaving me wishing I would have just left my hair alone, since it was starting to feel healthy again and actually growing :( any tips on lighting it? my hair always takes color more towards my ends.. I could do an all over color a light ash brown and my top half would be perfect and bottom half like 5 shades darker!

1 Answer

Your gonna need conditioner lots of  it and hair lightening dye mix the two together and apply on like any other dye make sure you have tinfoil once the process is done leave it in for 3-5 hours make sure you have a shower cap on top of the tin foiled hair after word your hair should be a light honey suckle brown. when its is the honey suckle brown rinse of the conditioner and add curl condition hair pudding even if you don't have curls it will untangle and leave your hair soft and plush. :)