STORY TIME! So earlier this month I started trying to dye my dyed light brown hair blonde. I tried Schwarzkopf's Nordic Blonde L1+ bleach. I tried it. MY HAIR TURNED BRIGHT ORANGE. So I had to dye it back to dark brown (using permanent dye). Usually when I dye my hair darker using permanent dye it wears off after a few weeks. But I wanna dye it the blonde that I want. An almost platinum blonde. What bleach do you think I should use? (I'm a B1 curly)

4 Answers

Crack an as many egg yolk you need for your hair then put it  into a bowl then add peroxide with it and alot of curry until it is a smooth texture, make sure you also have tinfoil to put the strips of hair, also make sure you have yellow food coloring die in the mixture, you may wonder why egg and curry but it with make your hair soft and honey blonde. Tips:APPLY MIXTURE WITH HAIR DYING BRUSH ALSO AFTER WORDS WASH YOUR HAIR WITH COCONUT SHAMPOO TO MAKE YOUR HAIR REALLY SOFT. :)
One more thing don't get any egg whites in it.
if you have dark hair it might be really hard to do it at home so I suggest you go to a salon.