I have 3b/3c hair type and was wondering if coloring my hair would be to damaging

2 Answers

Depends on your hair, if you haven't color your hair in the past then you need to do an extensive research and go for a more expensive product than a cheaper one and condition your hair afterwards. If your hair is of a light color then you can choose any shade and it wont be as damaging. But if your hair is very dark and you want to go a few shades lighter keep in mind that you won't get it and probably you will need to re do it or bleach.Go to a hair saloon for consultation it should be free and they can guide you over which products and colors and how much the damage will be
yes, I believe so.  Maybe you should try looking into natural ways to colour your hair such as henna:). Another good product I've heard of is called olaplex and it claims to greatly strengthen your hair while also colouring it. You should look up "olaplex before and after" photos and videos for more info:))