Am I able to put a chemical rinse, semi, demi or permanent color over Hennaed Hair?

I have hennaed my hair recently and I'm wondering if I can ever place a chemical over top of it?I have heard that it is not safe to do so and that rinses should be fine, but things with bleach or a lot of chemicals can have a bag reaction with the hair and end up burning or destroying it. Thoughts?Ingredients: 100% Lawsonia inermis linn (Rājasthān Select Harvest™ Natural Henna) - I buy from and use "Pure Henna"

1 Answer

I would recommend that you do not use an ammonia or hydrogen peroxide base color to change the color of your hair now that you have used a henna. Henna dyes typically have an orange or red base to tint the hair. Henna color is deposit only, meaning it doesn't lift or tint the hair brighter. If you were to apply a chemical based color to your hair it could create a bad reaction that causes your hair to turn green or some other unsightly color. Additionally, depending on the color you desire you would have to remove the color from your strand which can only be done through a bleaching process. This would damage your hair significantly and cause breakage. Demi- and Semi- permanent hair colors are safer but probably wont do much to change the color of your hair. These types of colors have larger molecules that do not penetrate the hair shaft to permanently change the color of your hair. Instead, they stain the cuticle and the color is removed after a couple of shampoos. Again, these deposit only colors may turn your hair darker or do nothing at all depending on the current color of your hair.