I have black natural fine frizzy type 3b is bleaching blonde safe for fine/thinhair? will it break?

i have only put semi permanent black dye in it over a year ago. My hair can be beautiful curly but often turns to frizz and curls never stay defined. (Working in finding a good mix of products) Similar to "sunkiss alba" hair but her hair is more full. I wear pony tail everyday want a drastic chance. Question is can Black to light blonde ( or at least a high ombre) can this be done safely with fine curly frizzy hair? Or is my hair to fine will it break to easily I love my length and would be very sad if I ruin it. But I never color or do styles. Anyone with similar hair try this? Appointment is tomorrow and I'm nervous. I understand bleach is dangerous but can it be done with my type safely?

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