How can I bleach and color my hair at home without completely losing my texture?

Also, I'm planning to color my hair regularly and want to know if I can forgo the curling iron if I want a similar texture to the one I currently have. I absolutely HATE heat styling, so this would definitely not work for me.

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Is it possible to dye hair like this at home?I have the same problem as the topic's author so I decided to ask here.Thanks a lot!<a href="">Look</a> - or maybe something like that?
There's no way to avoid loosening your curl pattern when you're bleaching your hair. Literally, none. Lol no tips no tricks. It will happen. However, there are things you can do to lessen the damage and the extent of how loose they are. You can start your process with conditioned hair. VERY conditioned and well moisturized hair. If you really want to cut back on the damage, depending on how light youre trying to get your hair, you can bleach it over a period of time. Lighten once every two weeks or week and half or even more if you can hold out that long until its how light you want it to be. In between that time be sure to deep condition your hair after each bleaching with heat or a plastic cap. Keep your hair moisturized and do a protein treatment afterward. If you are totally impatient and don't want to do it over a period of time, you can count on more damage. Use a low volume developer, like 20. If you must dont go any highter than 30 volume. Do short bleaching sessions, rinse it out, condition, and do it again. This is long and tedious but it really helps. You will still need to incorporate deep conditioning and protein into your regimen and your bleaching process. Ion has an awesome repair treatment that makes the hair soft and shiny after a bleaching!That being said, if you want to add heat to your hair forget about your curls, the damage and split ends will be relentless lol on top of your bleaching I mean. My suggestion to getting a curl similiar to your natural ones are to use perm rods NOT a curling iron. If you really want to use a curling iron make sure you use a heat protectant, but if you want to totally avoid heat flexirods or perm rods are a great option! I hope this helps, xo.