So I color my hair permanent blue black and it ruined my curls. How is this possible?

I plan on doing the Aphogee 2 step protein treatment soon. My hair is dry, stringy, and mushy. Is there anyway that a permanent hair dye can can wash out overtime?

2 Answers

 I think it ruined your curls because of the wetness of the dye. I'm sure if you use cheaper dye it'll wash out faster.
Permanent hair color is called that because it's essentially permanent - there to stay I until you have new growth   In about four to six weeks the color will fade , but the chemical action that has created your damage will remain. You can improve  how your hair feels by keeping it moisturized , minimizing sun exposure , and shampoo and condition no more often than every other day with products made for color treated hair. Frequent trims will also keep cutting off the damage. Good luck!