How do I color my overly-processed, porous hair?

Hi! So I naturally used to have very beautiful bouncy curls, probably a 3a/3b. I used to dye my hair with henna and then decided i wanted to be blonde... which basically meant i had to bleach the life out of my hair to get rid of the red. And now my hair is so damaged and porous i want to just shave it all off :( I'm so upset honestly because my hair used to be my pride and joy lol. So now, in an attempt to make my damaged hair look a bit better, i wanted to go back to dark hair. I used a purpleish-brown dye, and the top turned out nice and rich and the ends were like a light mauve-rose goldish color.. kinda makes sense because my blonde hair was done in a sort of ombre look and the lenghts/ends were bleached. But, The color just wasnt very vibrant and it has been washing out like crazy, so i know it's got to be because my length is so porous and messed up. I've been doing lots of deep conditioning/protein treatments which have kinda helped, but I really want to redye my hair and hopefully have the lengths actually soak up some color this time. any tips??

1 Answer

I recommend consulting a licensed cosmetologist about the potential damage of overprocessing your curls.