Can i colour my hair with out beaching it

I have recently really wanted to colour my hair a shade of purple my hair is dark/light brown I am very scared of bleaching it as I feel it might take away the curl so is there a way or any tips on colouring your hair with minimal damage to the hair and still get the colour I want

1 Answer

Hey Curlyle!, I would suggest getting a semi-permanent (sp) dye. It will give you the colour you want without the damaging effects. There won't be any change in your hair porosity or texture whilst using a semi permanent dye. I've used sp dye before by the brand crazy colour, there are many other sp dye you can get. It will wash out easily (like 2 or 3 washes) However if you want a very vibrant colour I.e neon green, purple ect I would leave the dye on for a little longer to get the colour to really show or you can use another very bright sp dye before using the colour you want . Hopefully this helped you xx