I am dark skinned and recently cut my hair. I wanted to know what may be a good color to dye my hair

2 Answers

I like the contrast there is with the skin with blonde. Thats what I have right now. You don't want to go with something with to much brown or too close to your skin tone or it will wash you out. You could also go red! A red with more purples and blues in it than browns and yellows. If you are getting it done professionally, which I recommend if you want to go lighter than your natural color, then you can tell the stylist what kind of red/blonde you want and they should know what you mean. Also with the blonde I would ask them to put a toner in it to keep it from looking too yellow. ask for a toner with some blues or purples in it. If they know what they're doing, you will not come out with purple or blue hair, it will just tone down the golden yellow look.I hope that helps!
It's ok to dye your hair, but if you dye your hair it might be a little drier than usual. I just wanted to put that out there. Anyway back to the question. I think you should dye it super dark black because it makes your hair looks super shinny. I suggjest not getting something to light or too bright.