I did something really bad to my hair.. I need as much help possible.

I was natural for 3 months. Big choped a month in & was going great. did protient treatments.. no pooed the whole time. Then bang i dyed it. BLONDE ! It came out orange. I deep conditionded.. then dyed it a different blonde the next day. Today i went to the salon and choped some of it off.. I have now shorter hair than when i started.. Came home paranoid and now i have jamaican castrol oil.. Im going to sleep with it.. I just need my moisture back.. My curls were coming along. Im so upset. What can i do now to get my pattern back? They seem dull ? 3B pattern.

2 Answers

All you can do is continue to deep condition it, honey and coconut oil is great, as the honey provides moisture and the coconut oil provides protein. Definitely don't use any heat or chemicals on it, if you continue your routine before you died it and deep condition weekly, maybe even twice a week, im sure you'll have your curls back soon. In the mean time you could try natural styles to make your curl pattern more defined, you could use bendy rollers, styles such as Bantu knots, twist outs. Whatever is best for you, you can You-tube all these styles. Good luck :) 
Coconut oil as a deep conditioner works wonders, sit under a hooded dryer for ten minutes with your plastic cap and satin bonnet on , it works trust me....and have patience too, good luck :)