I dyed my hair for the first time yesterday (the ends only,no roots), can I dye the very tips today?

I am African American with 3c/4a curls. My original hair color is dark brown almost black. I dyed only the ends of my hair (about 1 1/2-2 inches) of my hair the color, Light Caramel Brown, by Creme of Nature. I like how it turned out, but I want a pop of color at the very tips of my hair. I want the tips to be the color Ginger Blond or Honey blond by Creme of Nature. Can I do this today since I just dyed the ends yesterday? 

1 Answer

you can add the color to the very tips of the hair but you may have to use lighter and not color to get the pop you want. In the salon Ombre normally takes 2-3 process to get that level of lightness on dark hair.  However, as a professional I must warn you that lightening the hair permanently alter the structure of the hair and can be very drying especially to your texture. Moving forward your must adhere to a strict moisture and protein regimen that will help to keep your hair in tact. SheaMoisture launched a new Professional collection sold exclusively at Sally's Beauty Supply Store. I would suggest the Natural Pro Color Care Collection.  There is also an awesome customizable intense hydration masque.