I have dyied my ends blue permint and now the ends of my curls are getting staightn how can i fix it

OK for my sixteen birthday i dyed my ends blue and yes i used bleach to do it i did it in the salon but the problem is that now the ends of my curls are  straight . How can i fix this and what products should i use?Also should i cut it and can I?

2 Answers

I have personally bleached my own hair twice and added semi permanent color(s) on top of that. My ends were not straight but they were noticeably drier than normal. What I would suggest is growing your hair out to the length u want and cut little by little off, if u are bold then just cut all the damage off right now. Also if u do not want to cut your ends try protein treatments.
Unfortunately once your hair is damaged to the point of straight you'll need to cut the straight part off.  Be careful in the future not to over process your ends if you don't want this to happen in the future.