I just got my hair bleached. How do I take care of my hair? So it won't fall out.

2 Answers

Bleaching can cause so much damage to your hair than you expect , Hopefully you've allowed a professional to bleach it ? If you hair is damaged you should consider a big chop to get rid of damage dry hair . Start off by  getting a deep-conditioner  treatment once a week to repair damage weak hair. And if you notice breakage or falling out then you shouldn't think twice about getting a chop and try to stay away from harsh chemicals especially if  there's alcohol or ammonia in them. 
I bleached mine at home for 3 hours. Now get away from the shampoo, this means no dry shampoo either. You are allowed to shampoo it only if it is dripping grease on the ground. It's time for you to get a big bottle of olive oil, cinammon essential oil, honey and coconut oil. Grease your hair every night before going to bed mix the olive oil with a spoonful of honey if the honey starts sticking and clumping your hair go in the shower wet your hair co-wash with conditioner and detangle with comb or detangler or comb stay away from brushes they will damage your hair. Stay away from blow dryers and hot irons they are your worst enemy. Grease the hair every night for two weeks and once or twice a week get mayonnaise mix with an egg, two spoons of milk, cinammon  essential oil 10 drops, two spoons of honey, a spoon of olive oil and spoon of coconut oil, let sit for an hour now you can use shampoo to wash this thing out. Use honey, oil and beer to style your hair the only thing from the shop you will use from the beauty shops now is conditioner and semi-permanent dye if you want. If you dont want to chop don't chop. You just have to go hippie on your hair.If it's dry it will not feel greasy when you wake up after oil treatment. It's been a few weeks for me now ever since I've bleached mine and I grease the ends every 2-3 days. My hair feels nice and smooth, also be on the lookout for new growth I have new black tiny hairs all over my scalp currently.