Will I lose a lot of length if I bleach?

I am a type 3a. I use good products that have done my hair wonders, I haven't straightened, dyed whole-head, blow-dried or brushed my hair in over a year. I get trims every 6-8 weeks and do moisture treatments once a week. My hair is sometimes dry or frizzy, like curly can be, but never split or fuzzy. I've been growing it out for years and you can see it's about shoulder length. I'm thinking of bleaching it all (professionally) to go for a more ashy blond. I know they will need to cut a little bit off the ends that get damaged, but has anyone experienced losing a lot of length? Does it seem like it's harder to grow out?

1 Answer

it all depends how blonde you want it to be. bleach does tend to damage the hair and curly hair sometimes will lose curl due to the hair becoming weaker. you could experience breakage as well. it can be done but you might consider doing it in stages to avoid a big shocker to your hair. make sure you don't attempt this at home by yourself and research really well before you let anyone apply bleach to your hair. experienced curly hairdresser could deliver you amazing results so seek out one you can trust. this site has a great list of salons.