What can I do to maintain the health of my hair after I colored it?

I recently colored my virgin 3b curls for the first time using L'oreal's HiColor Deep Auburn Red. My hair is extremely resilient to dye, so it didn't really make a huge difference in the color, just subtle especially when the light hits it. How do I maintain the health of my curls? I'll be wanting to dye it again to make it more red, but how long do I have to wait? I do know that egg and coconut oil masks are in my future, but I also want to know what I can do to prep my hair before I dye to reduce damage. Thanks!

1 Answer

There is not much out there for the care of dyed natural hair. Wait 4 weeks as a minimum, 7 weeks would be great. In reality, your hair has to be healthy so it can stand the dye, meaning you need to work constantly on it. Lorraine Massey recommends having a hydrated hair before colouring.