i recently got red foils in my hair, a few months later their blonde! how is possible?

I have dark brown hair and for my birthday I went to the hair dressers to put some red foils in, she did an awesome job and they were noticeable like I asked and lately there going blonde, why is this?

1 Answer

Ahhh, the story life...fading red hair color! Basically it is because they have to bleach the hair in order for the new color to adhere to your hair, especially on darker hair. In addition, Red fades the fastest because the color molecules are larger than other colors and cannot penetrate the hair shaft as well so it basically fades over time unlike brown would. Once the red has essentially been washed off as much as it is going to do, you are left with some type of faded bleached hair (either pink, brassy blonde or orange). However, I think you might be able to just add color (toner) to the bleached parts without needing to add more bleach. A beauty supply store or salon could answer that better. Best.