I have relatively dark brown hair, wavy/curly, can i bleach it once without ruining it?

My hair is wavy/curly, very thick, kind of voluminous (awesome with some hair spray)! If I bleach my hair once and then dye manic panic ultraviolet diluted with conditioner, would it fuck up the texture of my hair(I don't mind it become less curly and more wavy)? Hoping for lighter purple look with dark brown rootage peeking through?

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Hi Marykate,You came to the right place! I have purple hair right now after having bleached it (I'll attach a photo) so I can speak to this for sure. If you bleach your hair it will definitely be damaged, but it is possible to keep your curl pattern. If you want to bleach your hair with the intent of coloring it purple then you'll have to bleach it to a very light blonde, if you don't bleach it all the way the purple color won't be vibrant and it will probably have orange undertones. I'll include a video below about my blonde bleach process and how to take care of it so that your curls come back. If you are wanting to have brown roots showing (that's how my hair is now too) then you don't have to take the bleach all the way up to the root so you can avoid the scalp issues I mention in the video. For the first few days my curls were in shock and my hair was straight, but the curls came back later. Use a protein treatment once a week to help bring back the texture and strengthen the hair (but don't use it more than that because it will make hair brittle if used too much).http://Shop.NaturallyCurly.com/product/aphogee-two-step-p...I had my hair bleached and dyed purple by my stylist, it's a risky process and I would not do it without the help of an experienced, licensed professional. The purple is a temporary color (and so is Manic Panic) so it will rinse out and fade over time. I didn't use Manic Panic but my hair did fade and I have been doing the touch ups myself using Pravana in violet mixed with conditioner. Avoid shampoo with sulfates, wash as little as possible and if you can stand it wash your hair with cold water. This way the color won't fade so quickly. I'm writing a full article on unicorn hair colors right now so keep an eye on the homepage next week. I hope this helps!Cristina
yes you can use honey and peroxide or you can just apply lemon juice in your hair and sit out in the summer sun for about an hour.