How can I go back safely to an ash blonde again from light brown dyed hair with slight green tint?

PLS HELP T.TBeing Asian I have natural dark hair. With a lot of experimentation, I got it to a point where it was a light ashy blond, a few levels down from platinum. I used a light ash blonde dye with 40vol developer to kickstart the change then maintained with infrequent bleach baths. I don't plan to bleach bath my hair ever again! >.< Fast forward, I made a huuuge mistake of putting in a Tawny blonde shade which looked like a real light pale brown when my usual ash blonde was out coz I wanted to even out my overall color. Now, my hair is very near the Tawny blonde shown on the color chart but I can see green tints to it towards the ends. My hair color looks even now and the green is not very obvious but its giving my entire head a murky look. At first I liked the odd change but everyone says that it looks wrong on me and I agree :( I just wanna go back to being ash blonde or possibly lighter. Do I just slap on the same light ash blonde I've used before or do I tone my hair first with red? Pls. help, I'm scared my hair will turn even more green or even blue!Thanks

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